ST. CLOUD - From Bigfoot roaming the north woods, to Pepie the lake monster in Lake Pepin, you can learn about two-dozen creatures allegedly roaming the backroads of Minnesota.

Chad Lewis is the author of the book "The Minnesota Road Guide to Mysterious Creatures". He'll be speaking at the St. Cloud Public Library on Saturday.

Lewis says dozens of people claim to have seen Bigfoot in Minnesota.

Lewis says a truck driver stopped his semi at a truck stop in Sauk Centre in 1984, after he swears he was being followed by bat-like aliens.

Lewis says his favorite elusive creature is Pepie the aquatic creature living in Lake Pepin.  He says he'll be out on the water searching for the monster again next month, and is prepared to use himself as bait, if necessary.

Believers - and non-believers alike - can join Chad Lewis at 2:00 p.m. Saturday. The event is free.