ST. CLOUD -- A Big Lake man is charged in Stearns County with trying to solicit a child to engage in sex acts. Twenty-seven-year-old Joshua Ramacher is charged with three felonies related to using electronic communications in the crimes.

According to the criminal complaint, an undercover officer with the Central Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force was working undercover Thursday, July 8 in an online chat room and posing as a 15-year-old St. Cloud girl.

Records show Ramacher made contact and said he was a 27-year-old man from Big Lake named Josh. He also allegedly asked, whom he thought was the 15-year-old girl, if she liked older guys.

Additional chats between Ramacher and the undercover officer referenced condoms, lubrication, and the fact Ramacher knew she was 15-years-old and he was "cool" with that. Ramacher allegedly said at one point that he was "down for anything and everything and that there were no limits for him".

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After agreeing to meet at a St. Cloud address, Ramacher allegedly sent the undercover officer lewd photos of himself.

On Friday, July 9, Ramacher was arrested at the date and location that had been agreed upon. He was booked into the Stearns County Jail awaiting his first court appearance.

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