UNDATED -- A quilt selling scam is going around this holiday season.

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota say they have gotten hundreds of complaints from people claiming they paid for quilts online and never received them.

Many of these people ordered quilts through an advertisement on Facebook that brought them to a website for Amelia Cotton Quilt Company.

One victim of the scam bought three quilts for $180. The Better Business Bureau investigated and found the tracking number was fake and the website which sold the quilts had disappeared.

If you have lost money in this kind of scam the BBB encourages you to file a complaint with them.

The BBB says to watch out for these companies and websites:

Weirdo Stuff, Kathleen Quilt, Ducha, Emacotton, Amelia Quilt, Amelia Cotton, Ecrafta, EMA Cotton, Elsie Quilt, Uscrafta, Cotton Blanket, Elsie May Quilt, USA Crafta, ARA Cotton, Umovietee, Joyce Quilt, weirdostuff.net, emmacotton09.com, Amelia-quilt.com, bellaquilt.net, aracotton.com, hellodobo.com, uscrafta.com, emmacotton13.com, bellaquilt.com, emacotton.com, ameliacotton10.com, duhuquilt.com, emastore10.com, www.sleepoius.co, and www.Ameliacotton10.com.