ST. CLOUD -- Love is in the air and Valentine's Day is just around the corner but the BBB says beware of getting scammed during your festivities.

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota is warning you to be careful as you buy your sweetheart their flowers for Valentine's Day.

The BBB says many fake online flower shops pop up this month specifically to scam people into buying an expensive bouquet that they'll never receive.

To make sure you're not left flowerless on Cupid's favorite day, the BBB says to double check that the flower shop is legitimate. You can look at the BBB's website to search ratings and reviews as well as looking at other customer reviews online.

Also, make sure the shop exists before ordering, if you can drive to it and check it out in person, this is the best way to do so.

The BBB says you should always watch out for unsolicited calls and emails, many are scams that will ask you to pay additional fees for gift delivery. E-cards can also carry viruses, be cautious when opening an e-card.

Other than flower scams, the most common Valentine's Day scam involves a scammer creating a fake social media or online dating account. The scammer will get close to a person, develop a relationship with the person and then when the relationship gets to a more serious point they'll try to get money out of the victim, usually claiming they have some family or medical emergency.

The BBB says to look out for people who never want to meet in person or have social media accounts that disappear quickly or don't match. Also anyone, who is stressing the importance of trust and telling you they love you right away. These are all signs on the "Cupid Con."

If you need to report a scam or learn about more scams visit the BBB's website, follow the link below.

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