SARTELL -- Bowling has become a Top 5 participated sport in the world.

Evolving from the days of individually setting up the pins, to now having everything run electronically.

Jason Mathiasen is the Hospitality Service Director at Great River Bowl and Partners Pub in Sartell. He says bowling has been a part of his family for generations.

"My family bought the business in 1984 and the building was built in 1979, so we are coming up on 30 years being family owned," says Mathiasen.

Great River Bowl was originally built at a 16 lane bowling alley. With renovations in 2000 and 2010 the bowling alley now has 32 lanes.

Mathiasen says everyday the lanes to be cleaned and oiled.

"The lanes are oiled everyday at least once a day sometimes twice a day depending on what events are going on," says Mathiasen.

When a ball is through down the lane it triggers a sensor that begins the process of reloading the pins.

"As the pins fall off the deck there is a carpet that brings the pins to the back of the machine and onto a pinwheel. The pinwheel brings the pins to the top and the arm then places the pins into the different slots and the machine is ready to go for the next roll," says Mathiasen.

The back room is also full of spare pins and parts just in case of breakdowns. Each machine is inspected daily to make sure they run efficiently.

Mathiasen says they continue to make upgrades to enhance the bowling experience for their costumers.



The arm places the pins in the right spot to be ready for the next bowler. (PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)