AVON -- A medieval art form continues to catch the eye of a different generation. Ken's Custom Iron in Avon has been hosting Blacksmithing classes every winter, covering all facets of the craft.

The classes have been running for about 15 years, however, just a few years ago the business began offering classes geared toward teaching women.

The shop held a beginner class Thursday and Friday, showcasing new skills to make simple objects from hot iron.

Susan Hetzel says she joined the class because she's always looking to try new things.

"I just really enjoy trying new things. When I was little my mom taught me how to sew and I have an appreciation of how difficult that is. So I picked up a new hobby with this."

Throughout the course, students learn brute force techniques like drawing out, bending, scrolling and more.

Jackie Hoff says she's gained a deeper appreciated for blacksmiths.

"I work in the museum industry, so I've seen a lot of blacksmith work. Now I know just how hard it was for everybody to do the work."

Blacksmithing has grown in popularity over the years with new reality shows about the craft.

Ken's Custom Iron offers classes from November to March for both men and women, and they usually sell out. A new schedule for the 2018-2019 season should come out this fall.