FOLEY -- Kids today are exposed to a variety of social media platforms, but do you know the people they are interacting with?

Local law enforcement is reminding parents to be aware of what content your child is viewing and sharing on their phones.

Benton County Sheriff Troy Heck says his office takes calls on a daily basis about kids having inappropriate or damaging content on their phones. He says it's important to have a conversation with your child about what's acceptable and what dangers are out there.

I think it's good as a parent to set limits on what apps are acceptable. If you're child wants to expand that cause their friends are on the latest thing, then you as a parent can check out that app and find out how likely it is to expose them to harm.

Heck says with many apps, such as Whisper and Snapchat, allowing interaction between adults and kids, and you as a parent have a right to see what's on your son or daughters phone.

Parents are allowed to see any private or confidential data your child is accessing and based on your trust with that child, you need to decide how closely you need to monitor that.

Heck says there are ways their office can work with the different social media platforms to help track and investigate if a situation occurs.

He adds if you are concerned with content being sent from or too your child's phone to contact police immediately.

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