ST. CLOUD -- An astronomer who has presented some of his research to well-known theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking spoke at St. Cloud State University Thursday.

Students and community members gathered in Ritsche Auditorium to hear University of Maine professor, Neil F. Comins explore how the world would be different without the Moon.

Comins received his undergraduate degree at Cornell in the engineering physics program. He later went on to study at what was formerly University College, Cardiff, Wales.

The Earth without the Moon is a topic he explores in his book, What If The Moon Didn't Exist. He says the idea for the book came to him when his son was five-years-old and started questioning why things are.

Comins says one of the biggest misconceptions is that the Moon creates the ocean tides.

Without the Moon Comins says life would likely not exist the way it does today.

He says additional problems would occur in animals that use the Moon for navigation, the stability of the Earth's tilt and the priming of Earth's oceans for the evolution of life.

His book is available wherever books are sold.

Hear extended interview clips with Comins below.

Life without the Moon:

Common Misconceptions about the Moon: