ST. CLOUD - According to recent studies, three in ten adults have at least one tattoo. That number goes to nearly half with millennials.

The popularity of tattoos crosses political lines. According to a recent Harris poll, around 30 percent of voters who see themselves as Democrats or Republicans have tattoos.

Max Arnston of Sauk Rapids is just one of many young Americans with tattoos. He says he sees a lot more acceptance for people with tattoos.

"There is just so much more acceptance as we move forward with tattoos. Hopefully, it will just get better and better."

Artist and shop owner Eric Noble of Dark Matter Tattoo in St. Cloud says he sees a lot of people with different backgrounds getting tattoos.

"They are coming in from all walks of life. People are coming from the military, courts, doctors office. It is neat to see the different diversity of the professions [getting tattoos]."

He says he believes they are becoming more acceptable because they are being seen as a true form of art.

"It is now becoming more of a body art and a way of expression. It is acceptable now to people that once wouldn't accept it."

Even people in his own family were unsure about tattoos. Noble's grandpa was one of those people who from a distance did not see tattoos as art. He says that all changed when he was able to showcase his work in front of his grandpa.

"He was able to see that this wasn't just some run of the mill, put up in the middle of the night shop. He saw that this was a studio, this was a place where we took art really seriously....he saw we were artists at the core."

While tattoos are not for everyone, more and more people are getting them. At the end of the day, artists say they just want their work to be appreciated whether it's on a wall or on someone's skin.

If you would like to see Eric Noble's artwork or learn more about Dark Matter Tattoo, follow the link below.

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