ST. CLOUD -- Asbestos in the HVAC system of Apollo High School was a topic of discussion at Wednesday night's school district board meeting.

Small amounts contained in the joints of the current system are set to be removed.

Executive Director of Business Services Kevin Januszewsky says it will be a lengthy project.

"This is a two-year project that we're doing, it'll be next summer and the summer after."

Januszewsky also says impact will be minimal

"We'll have nothing here, except for the administration that will still be in the building, we're doing it in phases."

This project is a part of an overall update to the HVAC system at Apollo High, and while costs are unknown for now, the bidding process starts on March 23rd.

Other projects of this size have been between 2-3 million dollars.

The asbestos removal will be paid for by the long term facilities maintenance fund.

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