FOLEY - This week's All-Star Student volunteers her time both in school, and around the community. Elizabeth Granlund volunteers her time with the ESL program at Foley High School, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota, and the Cross Center in Foley. Barb Koester is the Spanish teacher, and senior class adviser at Foley High School.

Elizabeth Granlund
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

"I was looking for students that not only had pretty strong capabilities in the Spanish language, but also understood that they are filling in an academic void," says Koester, "help them when their class room teacher might be occupied with other tasks, with other students in their classroom. These kids could get a little extra assistance during the day according to the study hall hours that my high school students have. So Elizabeth came right to mind, she's one that likes to do extra things, she enjoys volunteering."

Elizabeth has been involved in the ESL program for two years.

She says "Me and a few other people that Mrs. Koester works with a lot in Spanish club were told that we could go down, volunteer, and help out. I can already see a big difference in how well he can read."

Elizabeth also works on the website, and newsletters for the Foley Cross Center. The Cross Center is the local food shelve, which collects and distributes food to anyone who needs it. She took the job over from her brother Luke three years ago.

To help spread the word he started working on the website for them, and once he moved away for college, he transferred it to me. So I have been working on the website, and sending out newsletters.

This young volunteer doesn't stop there, she's also a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Koester helps organize the volunteers.

Elizabeth started as a ninth grader, immediately could see she's a gifted young lady.

I really love it. It makes me very happy to know that I can help other people

"It's a lot of fun," says Elizabeth, "This year I only meet with her every two weeks, because of her schedule, but in the past we would meet every single week. We make bracelets together, we make origami cranes, we go outside, we do a lot of things together."

Elizabeth has been a big sister for four years.

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