ST. CLOUD - Fireworks stands pop-up everywhere like perennial flowers this time of year. They show up in the parking lots of your favorite businesses and are gone just a couple weeks later.

So, who runs these fireworks stands? Are they franchises? Where does the money go? All of these are all common questions when it comes to these pop-up fireworks retailers.

Most of the stands are owned by TNT Fireworks, which is based out of Alabama, but each fireworks stand is operated by a franchisee. Most of the franchisees are local people trying to either supplement their income or use it as a fundraising opportunity for a non-profit in the area.

Jack Peterson is a franchisee for TNT and is also a teacher in the St. Cloud School District. He says getting started was really easy.

"We started this four years ago when I was just looking for a part time job. I responded to an ad on Craigslist asking if I like fireworks and met the regional manager for coffee after that. It was pretty easy and it has been a great experience ever since."

Just about everything is taken care of by TNT. They arrange where the stand will be, cover all costs, and even help educate its franchisees about its new and trending products.

For the franchisee it is a low risk way to raise money for their organization, non-profit or maybe just get some extra money during their downtime. In 2016 TNT helped around 4,000 different non-profits in the United States raise money for their organizations.

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