I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if I had to see this sign of winter on the horizon, so do you.

As I was doing my grocery shopping at the Sauk Rapids Coborn's location this week, I walked past the cleaning supplies and saw an end cap filled with hats and gloves. You know winter is around the corner when outerwear is for sale in places you wouldn't expect it to be. This specific outerwear is specific to the upcoming hunting season, as it is mainly camouflage and blaze orange. (Side note: A+ for product placement Coborn's, so smart to put it by cleaning products because that is a key aisle when stocking up for deer camp.)

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Even though I've lived in Minnesota my entire life, winter always seems to sneak up on me in the most unexpected spot. This year it just so happened to be when I was picking up stuff to make soup.

I'm truly not ready for winter. We are just getting into real fall weather and I'm not even ready for that. I'm a summer person so the fact that true winter products are popping up in places like Coborn's, it's just a cruel reminder of what is to come. Savor what is left of the semi-warm weather. We are going to need hats and gloves again way too soon.

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