The Mayo Clinic has a great newsletter they send out each week. This week, it was all about gettting those nutrients your body needs from fruits and veggies. It's easier to be healthier than you think...but if you need a little help, here are some easy tips.

  • BE A SMART SNACKER-Keep fruits within hands reach on your counter. If you're a busy person, keep quick grab veggies, like cherry tomatoes and baby carrots within reach in your fridge. Choose fresh over dried fruits. You'll get a lot more nutrients and less calories.
  • BE EXPERIMENTAL WITH YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES:Try new fruits..peaches, mangos...throw something new on a salad like mandarin oranges. There's lots of delicious combinations.
  • RECIPES THAT FEATURE FRUITS & VEGGIES: Ideas? Pinapple Chicken Stir-fry, veggie chili, tomato-basil pizza. All of these were recommended by the Mayo Clinic.
  • START YOUR DAY WITH A FRUIT OR VEGGIE: I seem to reach for breads,but stop! Leave the bread behind, and grab an apple.
  • DRINK FRUIT & VEGGIE SMOOTHIES: This is one drink you CAN have. mix whole fruits and veggies with plain low fat yogurt.


Puree Bananas, berries, lemon, mint, ice and two cups of fresh raw baby spinach. The concoction looks odd, but supposedly tastes delicious.

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