ST. CLOUD - Even though the events that killed Stearns County Sheriff's Deputy Edwin "Eddie" Arendt happened 30 years ago, his memory remains fresh in many friends and family's minds.

On the anniversary of his death, Friday afternoon, dozens of friends, family, and coworkers came together to honor the memory of the officer who died in the line of duty as the result of a head-on collision.

Cynthia Arendt is the eldest daughter of Deputy Arendt. She says it is great to see so many people remembering her father.

"I know he was a very special person. I have heard people tell me he always told corny jokes. It means a lot that people still remember him."

Many people shared their favorite memories of Arendt. Someone shared a childhood memory of having water fights to another person informing people of the little-known fact that he had received two bronze stars from his time in the military.

Arendt says that some her favorite memories were just knowing that he loved all of his children.

"I know he loved us kids a lot, he did a lot for us."

Arendt was also a veteran of World War II and the Korean War.

Deputy Arendt was killed in the line of duty November 3rd on County ROad just north of Cold Spring.

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