AVON - This week in our "Your Town Tuesday" series we're in the town of Avon.

Avon is a growing community.  They're at 1,418 people, and have added about 23 new residents in the last four years.

John Grutsch has served as the town mayor for eight years.

Photo by WJON.com's Jim Maurice

He says the biggest item on the city agenda is "Avon Estates". It's a 300 acre development on the west edge of town. The city helped a developer bond for the project back in 2004. The developer then left town, and the city ended-up buying the development from the bank.

Grutsch says they're now in the process of selling off the lots, "I think we have 13 or 14 homes that people are living in. There's two or three that are being built. We have a few more lots sold. A total of 20 lots have been sold. We're also in the process of building our first park out there."

He says, "Best case scenario we're hoping to sell off the lots in my lifetime. Realistically, if we sell four or five homes a year, we're doing better than most communities."

Grutsch says there's room for nearly 600 homes in the development.  Anyone interested in buying one of the lots should call the Avon City Hall.

Grutsch says another big story in town is the Midsota expansion. He says P.S.I. announced in February that they were closing. Midsota immediately snapped up their building and is expanding. P.S.I. had about 10 employees when they closed. Midsota will add between 10 and 15 employees. Grutsch says they're expanding their operation to include a service truck repair shop.

Avon Mayor John Grutsch. Photo by WJON.com's Jim Maurice

Be sure to join us next week when our "Your Town Tuesday" series travels up Interstate 94 to the town of Albany.