Here's a WJON FlashBriefing for August 31, 2017.



SHOOTING SUSPECT -- A 13-year-old boy -- arrested in Chicago -- after a shooting Monday in south St. Cloud. When police arrested him at a bus depot, he had the gun on him believed to have been used to shoot a 15-year-old boy in the leg. The alleged shooter is jailed facing charges of "assault with a deadly weapon" and "reckless discharge."


SHOOTING CAUGHT ON TAPE -- 20-year-old WIllie White Junior, facing assault and gun charges after a July shooting in North St. Cloud that wounded another man. Charged for that July 26th shooting in the 400 block of 9th Avenue North -- all caught on videotape by a surveillance camera.


KNIFE ARREST -- 22-year-old Niles Torkkola, accused of arguing with a woman in south St. Cloud, and when her husband intervened, police say Torkkola grabbed a knife from the woman and threatened to stab the husband. In a struggle, the husband's thumb was cut. Assault charges for Torkkola.


PEDESTRIAN FATAL NAMED -- Police say it was 19-year-old Joya McKay of Detroit who stepped from a median into the path of a car in south St. Cloud Wednesday morning and was killed. Police say McKay was attending college in St. Cloud.


MOTORCYCLE FATAL NAMED -- Police say it was 48-year-old Greg Brown of Paynesville who died when his motorcycle crashed with an SUV in Lake Henry Township Wednesday morning. Non-life threatening injuries for the SUV driver.


DMV COMPUTERS -- Minnesota's new computer system for license plates and vehicle registrations continues to be a pain. Still glitchy and causing delays and long lines -- six weeks after it was put in place. County staffers and the state public safety department -- still looking for long-term fixes.

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