Here's a WJON FlashBriefing for April 26, 2017.


TOM PETTERS PONZI CASE -- When Tom Petters gifted charitable or religious organizations money, many of them invested that cash. After Petters was convicted in a 3-point-7-billion dollar Ponzi scheme, the court ordered those groups had to give back that money to a victim recovery fund. Now, state lawmakers are considering changing the rules to make it clear some kinds of donations can be protected after a certain time limit. The receiver in the case says it could take 35-million dollars off the table that otherwise would've gone to help reimburse victims Petters cheated.


FLAT TUITION AT SCSU -- In an attempt to encourage students to take more classes and graduate in four years, St. Cloud State is considering a flat-rate for tuition. This "banded tuition" would make taking 12 to 18 credits all the same price. Could go into effect in the fall.


STUDENT FEES -- Meanwhile, state lawmakers are considering whether to make student fees optional for students at St. Cloud State and other Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Lots of activities are funded by student fees at the schools -- athletics, health services, technology. Fees that cost an average 500-dollars a semester at SCSU.


WINTRY WEATHER -- It was cold and rainy in the St. Cloud area this morning. But in northern Minnesota, it was downright wintry. Ice and snow closing schools in and around the Duluth area.


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