ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud State University has a new plan to help students graduate faster. The university is proposing banded tuition for full-time undergraduate students. This flat-rate encourages students to take more classes and graduate in four years by making 12 to 18 credits all the same price.

Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Daniel Gregory says banded tuition will incentivize students to take 15 credits every semester to graduate in four years.

We know from national research, but also from our own research here on campus, that students who take 15 credits actually persist better than those who take fewer.  And that's true regardless of their GPA.  And so this is the first move that we began as an institution to incentivize behavior that we know will lead to students being more successful.

Gregory thinks this next move will push for students to reach their four-year goal.

St. Cloud State University is one the last state colleges that have not moved to banded tuition yet.

Final approval by the Minnesota State Board of Trustees is expected to be sometime next month. If approved, the flat-rate will take effect in the fall.

This story was written by WJON news intern Jacob Lundy. 

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