What leftovers will you eat cold? I guess the question should first be, will you eat leftovers at all? I grew up eating leftovers and quite frankly, I think some leftovers are sometimes better to eat the next day than they are the day you make the original meal. However, that doesn't mean I'll eat the leftovers cold. It all depends on what I'm making.

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macaroni salad
Jack Puccio


We asked YOU what leftovers you'll eat cold?  Here were some of your responses. There seems to be a clear winner.

  • Leftovers from a bbq, IF there are any leftovers... that is. ~Karen A.
  • Pizza & meatloaf.  ~Karen J.
  • Literally, nothing, unless it's meant to be cold. I cannot eat food that is meant to be hot, cold. ~Ashlee R.
  • Mac and cheese. ~Anna C
  • Pizza ~ Jennifer D.
  • Rocky Mountain Oysters. ~Lance D. ( You didn't think we'd tell on you..did you?!)
  • Pancakes ~Shawn Nistler
  • Pizza and chicken. ~Kathy O.
  • Salad ~Lisa
  • Subway sandwich. ~Derek Z
  • Pizza, pork chops, and steak. ~Michelle B.
  • Pizza, chicken, and walleye. ~Mary H.
  • Chicken, turkey, meatloaf, and pizza  ~Michelle D
  • Rotisserie chicken and Chinese food. ~ Gena S.
  • Pizza ~Amy M.
  • Pizza, sunfish, hot wings, chicken, and sausage. ~Alicia N.
  • Leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and leftover ham from Easter. ~Michael K.
  • Spaghetti and meat sauce. ~Cindy L.
  • Pizza ~Stephanie B.
  • Pizza ~Charlene A.
  • Most desserts  ~Brad H.
  • Pizza ~Shelly 'Driver' A.
  • Just about everything but Thanksgiving turkey. ~Leo K.
  • Pizza ~Debbie BH.
  • Pizza  ~Karen M.
  • Pizza ~Jesse F.
  • Pizza ~Jeremy Y.
  • Pizza at room temperature ~Rod M.
  • Pizza ~Cindy H.
  • Chicken, meatloaf, meatballs and pork chops ~ Ann KK
  • Corned beef ~Wilma L.
Photo by Gábor Szűts on Unsplash
Photo by Gábor Szűts on Unsplash


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