Looking to revamp your closet? Here are a few things to keep (or buy).

I was out and about trying to find gloves for Glen, seeing as how it is January in Minnesota and all, but I had no luck. If I needed to buy him a bikini or flip flops, we had our pick of every size and color out there. I also noticed that some of the spring clothing is out on the racks now, so if you’re looking to give your closet a makeover, shop your closet for some stylish winter looks, or you’re making a wish list for spring clothing, here are a few pieces you should always have in your closet.

White T-Shirts

If you’re lucky enough to hit up a sale on good white t-shirts, buy them and buy between five and ten shirts. White t-shirts are classic, all American and they go with just about anything. On a nice spring day, a white t-shirt, jeans and a scarf with cute sandals is a stylish way to hit brunch and run errands. A white t-shirt can take you effortlessly from water cooler to watering hole under a structured blazer with dress pants and heels. They’re also a great layering piece under a button down shirt or a hoodie. In the summer time, a white t-shirt works with capris, under a sundress or with a pair of jorts. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of a white button down shirt.

Black Leggings

I love my black leggings. They’re super versatile and they don’t have to be sloppy. I wore black leggings with a nice sweater dress and booties to a Christmas party at an exclusive country club. Granted, it was in Wisconsin, but still. The key is making sure they aren’t too tight and they’re not too baggy. Too tight and people will see every ripple and dimple. Too baggy and you’ll look like you filled your pants. Make sure what you wear them with is long enough to cover your butt (like a cute dress or a skirt) and make sure you don’t wear the wrong shoes. Stick to flats, flat boots, booties or flip flops. If you do wear them with a heel, make sure it matches with your outfit so you don’t look trashy.

Black Cardigan

I love cardigans. Glen wears them all the time and now he’s got me hooked. I keep a cardigan in the office slung over my chair for when the air conditioning gets cranked up a little too high. They’re also great to have for date night to toss over a dress for those cool nights. You could even throw a bigger one over a white t-shirt and black leggings with a belt and ballet flats. Add a brightly colored bag and you’re ready for casual Friday at work, Saturday errands or Sunday brunch.

Good Shoes

My grandpa always told us, “Have a good mattress under your back and good shoes on your feet.” Anyone who knows me knows I am a fan of shoes. Good shoes are so valuable not only to fashion, but also to your feet. When you’re buying shoes, measure your feet. You can be a 9 in one brand, but a 10 in another, so make sure you’re wearing the correct size. A couple of my favorite styles are ballet flats and classic pumps. I own ballet flats in white, red and black and they’re staples in my spring time wardrobe. I’ve worn ballet flats under formal gowns, with leggings and jeans. They’re more comfy than super high heels and more chic than a tennis shoe. Classic pumps go with everything and they don’t have to be super high. I keep kitten heel pumps in my closet to wear when I feel like dressing up jeans, if I need to wear a suit or a dressy dress where the shoes will show. Black is of course a great basic, but blue, red and flesh toned are versatile as well.


Jeans are just as classic and just as American as a plain white t-shirt. The right pair of jeans should flatter your bottom half and can do wonders for any outfit. Make sure you have the right size first. Then focus on the cut, wash, rise, and length. Jeans can do wonders for your body. Don’t just assume you’re a size 12 across the board. You could be a size 10 or a size 14, so bring a few different sizes in with you. Cotton jeans with a small amount of spandex will still fit and flatter, but won’t bag and sag as they stretch. You can also wash them back into shape. Rock & Republic and Old Navy are two of my favorite brands. It’s also important to have good black pants in the closet as well.

Little Black Dress

What woman doesn’t love throwing on a little black dress, and heels to go out? I have a few that I keep on hand, depending on where we’re going and what mood I’m in. I have one I can dress down with a denim jacket, tights and boots for cooler weather or layer a white t-shirt underneath with sandals for a casual backyard barbecue. I have my standard June Cleaver type dress that’s great with pearls and flats for mass. Then I have what I called my “Third Date Dress” that rides up the leg a bit and has a neckline that can either show off what I want to, or cover up what I need to.