WAITE PARK -- The Waite Park Planning Commission unanimously approved two Conditional Use Permits for Martin Marietta Aggregates tonight (Tuesday).

The company wants to start producing double its granite at Rainbow Quarry and North Quarry in Waite Park.

A public hearing was held to discuss the request that would increase production from 1.8 million tons per year to 3.6 tons per year.

City Administrator, Shaunna Johnson says the company has seen an increase in demand for their product and would like to meet the needs of their customers.

Four residents came forward to voice their concerns regarding dust, noise and vibration in the area as a result of the blasts.

Heidi Carlstedt works at Holy Innocents School along County Road 137. She says the blasts can be difficult to deal with.

The company responded by saying the request will not increase the blasting frequency, vibration levels, sound levels, air quality standards, process water discharge, mining footprint or storm water runoff. There will be a slight increase in the number of truck and train traffic in that area.

The company uses signature hole shots to conduct research into the vibration levels. They requested that the Conditional Use Permits distinguish between a signature shot and a production shot.

The Waite Park City Council will review and discuss both permits at their next council meeting to give the final approval.

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