There's one game left in the regular season, a home game against Chicago. Here's what everything looks like for the Vikings once that game is over.

The Minnesota Vikings playing in the Super Bowl this year is very much a possibility. Football fans around the country have eyes on the Vikings to play in the Super Bowl, not because they're Vikings fans, but rather because they would like to see the Vikings make history -- as the first team to play the Super Bowl at their home stadium.

So what does it look like for the Vikings to get to the Super Bowl? Aside from just winning every game, here's what needs to happen to make it as smooth as possible...

Our biggest rival right now is the Philadelphia Eagles. Their playoff picture looks slightly better than ours, as they've clinched a 1st round bye for the playoffs. We're just hoping they lose a playoff game so they're out of the picture. If they lose, the Vikings get the rest of the playoff games at home.

If the Vikings beat the Bears on Sunday, they also get a 1st round bye for the playoffs. If this happens, they will only have to play 2 playoff games. If they win those 2 playoff games then they're in the Super Bowl!

If the Vikings lose to the Bears on Sunday, they don't get a 1st round bye in the playoffs, but still get to host 1 playoff game, as long as they're winning.

Here's a huge plus for the first time in a few years...we have a very strong Quarterback lineup. Case Keenum is on fire right now and is very likely to play throughout the playoffs, as long as he continues to play well. Sam Bradford will be ready to play again, and will backup Keenum in the playoffs. We also have Teddy Bridgewater as our 3rd strong QB if everybody else fails.

Let's toss out all the "Minnesota sports curse" talks and focus on breaking that curse this year. If we all think like that then so will our Vikings! #Skol #SuperBowlBound

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