FOLEY - Tractor Day is a big deal at Foley High School and after heading out there today, we can see why. We've heard of schools doing this in the past but I didn't know much about it.

Today, we definitely discovered something we can't wait to check out again next year.  Tractor day brings the students together for a party.  Not only do the students take part in it, so do faculty and staff, parents and other community members.

We got to the school around 7 a.m. and shortly after a steady stream of tractors came rolling in: big ones, small ones, old ones, new ones, in a variety of greens, reds and blues.  There were several students riding in on hay wagons, screaming with excitement.

Shortly after the tractors were parked, people started socializing and the water balloon fight kicked off.  We did not participate, but we almost got hit on more than one occasion.  Students were walking around with little cups of jello for everyone and it was just an all around happy, fun atmosphere.

We discovered what a really cool event this is, it brings the whole community together.  This is the kind of thing people talk about for weeks after and it's an experience we look forward to again next year.