FOLEY -- A convoy of tractors drove into the Foley High School parking lot Friday morning as students celebrated their final days of school.

Tractor Day is a huge deal for not only the students but the community, who gather to watch the tractor parade roll in.

Senior Christian Halverson says plans for tractor day begin very early.

I got the first text about tractor day on the first day of school.

The routine is the same as students meet up at Gilman Park before they make their way to school. Halverson says they usually get a wide variety of tractors.

People like to one up someone with their tractors. But we usually know what we have when we meet up at the ballpark and it's always a little different variety.

Driver tractors to school is not an uncommon thing in central Minnesota and Halverson says he hopes the longtime tradition continues.

I hope everybody gets a chance to do this. There is only a couple of schools that do it and we do it the best if you ask me.

The event ended with a friendly water balloon fight before students made their way inside for class.