ST. CLOUD -- We are only a week away from witnessing a total eclipse of the sun. This is the first one to take place since 1979.

Todd Krause is with the National Weather Service. He says the best time to witness the event is during the noon hour next Monday, but make sure you have the proper eye wear.

"People may think you can use sunglasses, but that's not safe at all. You need special glasses and there is plenty of information that can be found online."

He adds the best way to watch the eclipse is with special glasses or on the computer via NASA's livestream.

Here in the state we're expected to see a partial eclipse, but that's dependent on the weather.

"The main question is going to be cloud cover, whether that's an overcast, hit and miss clouds or a totally clear sky."

Krause says the best viewing spots are towards Nebraska. The next total eclipse of the sun is project to happen in 2024.


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