Ever feel like Darwinism is failing? This should alleviate your Choad Rage.

With a total solar eclipse coming to the (southern) United States on Monday (April 8th), it's a good time to remind folks that looking directly at the sun is bad for you. Even during a total eclipse.

I Wish I Was Kidding

Almost one-third of Americans are so incredibly stupid that they think visually rawdogging a solar eclipse is not a big deal.

Here in Reality, watching a solar eclipse without eye protection can cause permanent eye damage. PERMANENT.

Wearing regular sunglasses and peeking through your fingers or window blinds are still stupid and can leave you with permanent damage. Don't be stupid. Even a "Total Solar Eclipse" doesn't leave the sun 100% blocked. Even a little sliver of sunlight can hurt you.

President Trump Views The Eclipse From The White House
He's kindly pointing out what NOT to look at (Getty Images)

Doctors recommend wearing special eclipse glasses that are ISO 12312-2 compliant. The Prevent Blindness advocacy organization offers them for sale at a discount, but you must order them by Thursday (4/4/2024) to get them in time for the eclipse.

But Wait! There's More (Stoopiditee)!

More than half of a person out of every five persons (or 1 in 10 people) believe that an eclipse can cause natural disasters, sleep problems, and mental health issues.

As if we needed further irrefutable proof that the United States education system is failing us. It's a bonus Sign of the Apocalypse, too.

Don't be stupid during a once-in-a-lifetime event and leave yourself or your kids blind. That's not how you're supposed to make core memories.


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