Have you noticed? The Trading Post is back. The Trading Post is now on every Friday from 11am to Noon on WJON. Host Kelly Cordes will help you find the items your looking to purchase, help you sell the items you no longer need, and we'll all have fun in the process.

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The show airs Fridays from 11:15am to Noon, and if you want to make sure your items get on the program, you can send a dollar with up to 3 items you would like us to read on the show. Make sure that you have your items typed or written clearly with the following information:

  • What are you buying or selling?
  • How much money do you want for it? Or how much money are you willing to spend on something you are looking for? Are you looking to buy or sell free items?
  • How can the listeners contact you? Please provide a phone number for our listeners to contact you about your items.

Many people put up to three items on a recipe card, or type something up. It doesn't have to be typed, but please write as neatly as you can.


Send your information to or drop it off at:

ATTN: Trading Post
Townsquare Media
640 Lincoln Ave SE
St Cloud MN 56304

You can also call in to the program for free. Call 320.252.5852 and describe the item or items you have for sale or wish to buy, and then give us your phone number. We do not hang onto the information once the show is over, so if you are listening and you want to buy something from someone, I recommend listening with a pen and paper, and writing down the phone number when you hear it given out.

Feel free to send me an email to as well, if you would like your items mentioned on the show and you cannot call in. I'll do my best to get your items mentioned.

It's a fun show. We hope you'll join us!


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