ST. CLOUD -- Both the prosecution and the defense have rested their case in the Brian Fitch Senior murder trial.

The prosecution called additional BCA forensic scientists to the witness stand today to present evidence on fingerprints and additional DNA.

Stearns County Jail photo
Stearns County Jail photo

The most telling testimony was from BCA Forensic Biologist McKenzie Anderson who said Fitch's DNA was found in blood on the 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun located in the blue Hyundai Vera Cruz Fitch was using as a getaway car.

A surveillance video at Oak Park Heights prison was also shown to jurors showing Fitch passing a piece of paper to fellow inmate Claude Crockson. That paper was recovered and showed a map of witness' homes who Fitch allegedly wanted killed.

The defense offered only one piece of evidence, an audio recording of multiple gunshots in the shootout with Fitch after Officer Scott Patrick was murdered. Before the defense rested its case, Fitch waived his right to testify in the case.

The jury will be sent home for the weekend and be brought back Monday morning for closing arguments before beginning deliberations.