ST. CLOUD - Teenagers in St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids who are about to get their drivers license can also get a free smartphone.  What's the catch?

Students have to agree to be a part of a teen driver study conducted by the University of Minnesota.  The University is looking to recruit 40 drivers who currently have their learner's permit, will receive their provisional driver's license between February 1st and April 30th, and are age 16. Teens in the study will get a free Samsung Galaxy 3S smartphone along with monthly data, text and talk service for one year.  They will also receive a monthly $25 incentive at the end of the year-long study totaling $300.

The purpose of the project is to understand teen driver safety and behaviors, as well as parental involvement with teens during the learning phase of driving.

For more information, contact Nicole at the U of M:
(612) 624-4614