BLOOMINGTON (AP)-- A student is charged with beating two teachers at Normandale Community College in Bloomington.

The Hennepin County Attorney's office on Thursday charged 21-year-old Gavin Hutson of St. Paul with assault. Hutson also was charged with carrying a pistol without a permit. He remains in jail and is expected to appear in court Friday.

Authorities say Hutson on Wednesday struck a 51-year-old female instructor several times and also assaulted a 47-year-old male faculty member who intervened.

According to the complaint, Hutson's teacher asked him to stay after class to discuss a remark he made to another student. Hutson allegedly knocked her to the floor, where she lost consciousness. Another student was hurt as Hutson ran from the classroom.

Hutson was apprehended in the college's parking ramp. Police say they found a handgun in his backpack.