ST. CLOUD -- As winter approaches the dreaded flu season isn't too far behind and flu shots are available.

Cases of the flu become more common near the early part of November.

Dr. George Morris is the Medical Director at the CentraCare Clinic. He says it takes a few weeks for the vaccine to work through your system.

"It takes about two weeks to develop the antibodies or develop a good reaction to the vaccine which is why we encourage people to get it anytime now," says Morris.

The flu is a contagious disease that can not only affect you but others around you days before you virus strikes.

"This usually happens anywhere between 2-5 days before you develop the illness so even at day one you can spread it to other people," says Morris.

The vaccine will protect you throughout the entire flu season, and is about 70% more effective for those who have gotten their flu shot.

"By getting the vaccine you may not even get the flu that season, and people will have a less serve and prolonged course if you get the vaccine," says Morris.

However, as the rumors go, their is a slight chance you can get sick from it.

"There is a slight risk that you get an illness, and that can be timing, because it may be something totally unrelated is the illness you got," says Morris.

CentraCare Health is requiring their employees to get vaccinated for wear a mask in patient care areas.

Vaccines are available at any CentraCare Clinic or local pharmacies in your area.


Flu Vaccines are ready to stop the flu in its tracks. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)