The State Legislature is considering adjusting the walleye and panfish limits during this legislative session.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON today.  The current law allows for possession and daily limit for walleye at six, and must not include more than one walleye over 26 inches in length.  The proposal calls for that number to be moved to 4. He says increased fish pressure can lead to over harvest.  Glen says the DNR says there is no biological evidence indicating that this change will make a big difference.  Glen doesn't anticipate this improving walleye fishing if it passes.


The cold weather has been making ice but Glen says this type of cold weather deters even the biggest ice anglers.  He says this is kind of the dog days of ice fishing with fish not being very aggressive.  Glen says this is January type weather and that typically isn't best time of year to ice fish.  He says he generally looks for panfish this time of year and focuses on walleye during the open water season.

Lake Superior near Duluth saw 26 ice anglers needing to be recued earlier this week due to ice floe.  Glen says this type of thing happens every year in that area and those on the ice were probably aware of the risk.  He says the fishing can be good but the ice is thinner it that area and can lead to movement.

Learn more about ice fishing, hunting and all things outdoors at outdoor news.  Glen Schmitt joins me on WJON Thursdays at 8:40 a.m. on WJON.

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