ST. CLOUD --  As staffing shortages continue to affect the healthcare industry, pharmacists are the latest group to be impacted.

Chains like Walgreens, CVS, and Coborns have had trouble staffing their in-store pharmacies, resulting in adjusted hours of operation.

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Sarah Derr is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Pharmacists Association. She says while it is an inconvenience there are ways to make sure you can still get your prescriptions.

If we know Walgreens, CVS, or Coborns is going to be closed on a certain day, make sure you identify a secondary location so your prescription can be transferred. Also work with your local pharmacist to know their hours, and how you can get your prescription if those times don't work in your schedule.

In a statement to WJON, a Walgreen spokesperson had this to say about the recent staffing issues:

In communities impacted by staffing shortages, we have adjusted hours of operation with the goal of creating minimal disruption for customers and patients. In such instances, we will direct customers to other nearby Walgreens locations for prescription needs, car and support. Adjusted store hours are reflected on the store locator, which is updated throughout the day at and on the Walgreens mobile app.

Derr says the healthcare industry as a whole is still feeling the impacts by many employees leaving the industry in recent years.

She says like with other careers, it's important to reach out to the next generation and highlight the multitude of job options available.

We need to start educating our youth about the importance of different healthcare options. There are so many options out their like nursing, doctors and pharmacist that I don't think we know about when we are younger.

Derr says their association is really focusing on working with area colleges and the state legislature to help find more creative solutions to help grow the workforce in the industry. 


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