ST. CLOUD - 65 stops, five tours and a wealth of information all make up the "Preserving St. Cloud" digital history tours.

Jim Flaaen heads up the St. Cloud Digital Tours. He says the tour will bring people all over the city, giving them insight into the cities history.

"We have five tours in St. Cloud. All the way from the southside and Barden Park to the Riverwalk and Pantown. Basically it is a walking tour where people can have a personal tour guide on their phone."

Flaaen also said getting started is simple.

"All you have to do is go to the city of St. Clouds YoutTube page and choose the Preserving St. Cloud Digital History Tour tab. From there you can choose the tour you are on and follow along with the tour."

The most popular of the tours is the Riverwalk Tour. Your first stop is Talahi Woods, from there you will learn about the early expeditions of the Beaver Islands. This tour is highlighted by the 16 different stops all along the Mississippi River. The Riverwalk Tour concludes at Munsinger and Clemens Gardens.

The Downtown Tour takes you just step away from the Mississippi River and into the busiest section of the tour. Many people are in and out of downtown St. Cloud, and though the businesses have changed, the late 1800's architecture remains the same.

Just across the street from the Downtown Tour is the beginning of the Highbanks Tour. Stop number 1 is the Clark-Waite House which shares a border with stop number 2, the Court Apartments.

The Highbanks neighborhood tour is a easy, peaceful walk around some of the cities oldest homes and most historical architecture.

A few blocks from the Highbanks Tour is the Barden Park Tour. This historic district also displays a lot of the cities historic architecture.

Barden Park and the history of the First Evangelical Church on 6th Street South and 7th Avenue South are just a few of the highlights on this Tour.

The last tour Is through Pantown.

Pantown is a neighborhood that was built to house the employees of Sam Pandolfo's new automobile plant in St. Cloud. The tour will take you through this historic neighborhood and give you insights into what life was like for the early developers of St. Cloud.

St. Cloud's digital tours are a great way for people who live in and around St. Cloud to get to know the city around them. Even people who are just visiting the granite city will find a lot of value in the St. Cloud Digital tours.

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