St. Cloud residents were asked to reduce their water usage at different times this summer due to the drought we dealt with in Central Minnesota.  St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis says the city is no longer mandating watering to one day a week but is still asking residents to reduce their watering to 1 day a week.  He says irrigation (lawn watering) is "by far" the largest use of water in their system.  Kleis says watering of lawns drops dramatically in October and the amount of resident water usage also changes dramatically.

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Kleis says January-March are the months they see the fewest use of water in St. Cloud.  He says April-September are the heaviest water usage months.  He says with the recent rain fall increases in the past few weeks that has helped their overall water flow.  Kleis says the DNR would like their water usage to be under 10 Million gallons a day in the phase that they are in.  He says they are under that number.

Listen to my conversation with Mayor Kleis below.



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