ST. CLOUD - Downtown St. Cloud will be getting a bit of a makeover, thanks to an agreement approved by the St. Cloud City Council. During tonight's (Monday) meeting, the council approved a contract agreement with Stantec Consulting Services to update the city's Downtown Streetscape and Urban Design Plan.

Community Development Director Matt Glaesman says you'll see several updates pretty quickly.

This is selecting the colors and elements that will be put into play rather quickly. This is not a long term plan, it's very short term in its process. We'll see two significant projects implemented yet late this year into next year.

Glaesman says the downtown is divided up into several districts, including: the courthouse district, the arts district, the retail district, and the entertainment district. However, the lights, benches, planters and more would all have a common theme.

The bottom line is you're entering downtown St. Cloud and there needs to be a consistent feel in the image of the streetscape as you come into those main gateways into downtown.

The agreement was approved on a five-to-zero vote, with council member George Hontos abstaining. He says he's frustrated with so many downtown plans that have come before the council over the years.

The study will cost about $100,000 and will be funded through Community Development and Public Services budgets.

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