ST. CLOUD -- Will Borgen may not be a household name across the states but he sure is here in St. Cloud.

For the 22-year-old St. Cloud State Hockey Player, the chance of playing in the 2018 Winter Olympics seemed unheard of until the NHL decided they weren’t allowing their players to go.

This is the first time since the 1994 Olympics that the NHL has not allowed its players to participate. Now the chance to play is becoming his reality.

"I didn't think it was going to happen until my coach called me over winter break when I was back home. It was like two weeks before they were announcing it. So, it was a pretty big surprise."

Borgen was one of 23 chosen to represent the United States in the 2018 winter Olympic games hosted in South Korea. Even more impressive, he was only one of the four college players named to the team.

Although he takes off in a few weeks to trade in his red white and black number 20 Husky jersey for a red, white and blue number 20 USA jersey, his head remains with his first team.

"My mindset right now, I haven't even thought about the Olympic games at all. I usually just focus on our games each weekend here. I'm sure once I get over to South Korea my mindset will change over to that and I'll focus on those games."

Borgen attributes the last three years playing for St. Cloud State, and the coaching staff for developing his game, and making the Olympics possible.

In the eyes of assistant coach Mike Gibbons, he’s just the entire package.

"You know he's got good size, he's a terrific skater. He's tough and also smart. He knows what he's doing with the puck. He's all around a talented defense man."

Borgen will not be the only player on the US Olympic roaster with St. Cloud ties this year. He will be joined by former St. Cloud State center Garrett Roe, a 29-year-old from Vienna, Virginia, who is currently playing professional hockey in Switzerland.

Despite his lifelong goal and mission is to make it to the NHL, representing the US in the winter Olympics will surely suffice for now, as he gets the chance of a lifetime to create a name for himself.

Story written by Granite City Sports Intern Haylee Myren.

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