ST. CLOUD -- Billions of dollars every year are poured into cyber-safety concerns. St. Cloud Police Officer Sara Gangle talked about internet safety at the St. Cloud School District's "Safety: Inside and Out" event Thursday.

Gangle says it's important to communicate with your kids about their online presence.

"Communicating and having knowledge about what your kids are doing online, is huge, we have a whole generation of kids and teens who know more about the internet than adults do."

Gangle added social media is new territory for everyone, including the police. Misinformation and threats create a hard climate for the department to navigate.

During her presentation, Officer Gangle went over some of the most popular apps today, including Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and others.

Gangle's focus was on how parents and kids can stay safe while using them.

"Safety: Inside and Out" featured three speakers, Officer Gangle, Alison Feigh from the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, and paramedics from Gold Cross.

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