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ST. CLOUD -- October is Fire Safety month and the St. Cloud Fire Department is reminding you of the safety precautions to take this week during Fire Prevention Week.

Fire Prevention week occurs over the first full week of October and this year's theme is "Get Cooking With Fire Safety."

St. Cloud Fire Chief Bill Mund says fire prevention week really focuses on fires within the home.

"This year's theme really emphasizes being safe in your kitchen when your cooking."

The country has had a Fire Prevention Week since 1922, when it was declared by the President.

St. Cloud Fire Marshall Mike Post says kitchen fires are still a problem today, just like back then.

"I was looking over some documents from 1922 and cooking fires, and fires in the home, are still the biggest problem we face."

The St. Cloud Fire Department says now is a good time to review fire safety tips like, replace batteries twice a year in smoke detectors, practice exit strategies, have a fire extinguisher, and never leave cooking unattended.

Chief Mund says if you have trouble changing batteries in your smoke detectors, the fire department has a program that will assist you.

If you would like more information about Fire Prevention Week visit www.fpw.org.

This week is Fire Prevention Week. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)