ST. CLOUD -- At the age of six was when Alise Post first fell in love with BMX but never did she know that it would take her to the Olympics.

BMX was not an Olympic sport when I first started, so it was never on the radar says Post"

However, that would soon come to change. After a while, the sport finally was recognized as an Olympic sport. So Post decided she wanted to put her focus all on BMX.

"I always wanted to compete at the pro level, but I never knew it would become my whole life"

As much as it consumed her life, the reward and time put in all paid off. This summer, Post won her first Olympic BMX silver medal in Rio, and no town was more proud to call her their very own olympian, than the St. Cloud community.

So in order to show their appreciation, mayor Dave Kleis decided to throw a parade in honor of her today (Saturday).

"She's a tremendous role model to a lot of kids and as soon as we watched her earn that medal. We thought at the very minimum, she deserves a tribute and what better way to do that than have a parade says, Kleis".

"It has been a good week and having a parade and all this stuff in St. Cloud, has been really humbling. It is such a good homecoming being so welcomed with open arms says, Post"

Alise greets fans around town Rebecca David, WJON

The city is not the only one in awe of Post, Jaden Isaacson was up early this morning and ready to meet Post. Isaacson says Post winning and going to the Olympics is a motivator that she too can be like her one day.

"It's very amazing because I have wanted to see her for a long time says, Isaacson".

The parade started at the Rivers Edge Convention Center and ended at Pineview Park. The park where all the training started and as usual her biggest fan was by her side, her dad.

As Mark Post watched fans and families fill the Pineview parking lot, he was left with no words, other than thankful.

"I have always been proud of all my kids and it's nice to get the recognition after all her hard work says Mark Post"

Alise and her dad Mark with others Rebecca David, WJON

However, one fan was missing from the crowd. A fan that Post so badly wished could be there to share this day with her, her mother.

"She would love nothing more than to share this together and be here. She was a big driving factor in helping me get the MS event started and giving back to others says, Post"

Although, her mother's presence is not there. Post says she's going to continue embracing her mother's legacy with hosting her annual "MS Race For The Cure" event.

The event runs until tomorrow and Post encourages everyone to come out, have fun, donate and have a good time on the track.

All donations and proceeds from the events will go toward the Multiple Sclerosis Society. For more information about the event check out Pineview Park BMX

If you were not able to celebrate with the community today, no worries because mayor Kleis, has made September 15th, Alise Post day. So there's another chance, for you to celebrate the St. Cloud Olympic silver medalist.

Alise and Mayor Kleis greet people Rebecca David, WJON