ST. CLOUD -- There are three men who all want to be the next city council representative in St. Cloud's Ward 4. Today WJON news is talking with Adam Schnettler.

He is a veteran and a stay at home dad as well as a St. Cloud native. Schnettler has never run for office before.

He says he's running for city council because he thinks the residents should have more say in bigger decisions.

I've noticed that people did not like the Lofts, and they did not like the YMCA, and they did not like the Costco deal.  There should be a constituent vote if there is a deal over X number of dollars done in the city.

He says he's running for office because he feels residents aren't given enough time to speak during city council meetings.

The amount of time that you have in the city council for a homeowner to speak is, I feel, kind of low.

Schnettler is facing George Rindelaub and Mike Conway in the August 14th primary election. The top two will advance to the general election in November.

Current Ward 4 city councilor Jeff Johnson is not running for re-election.