ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud church is ready to begin the next chapter of their homelessness ministry.

St. John's Episcopal's new tiny house is finally built after construction began in October.

Rev. Deacon George Ham says the house became reality after an agreement between St. Cloud and the church, which allowed them to build a small home for a single resident to live in longer than the city's 45-day ordinance.

"This is not a permanent residence, this is a transitional residence where we take in someone who is homeless and help them get back on their feet."

The 384 square-foot house was built by students from St. Cloud Technical and Community College and includes heat, electricity, water and sewer. It will replace the mobile tiny house the church is currently using.

Ham says the partnership between the church and students was great for both sides.

"One of the students has offered to come back and do some landscape work for us. It's truly a partnership and bond that goes on after the building is complete."

The house still needs to be furnished before it's ready to move in. Ham says once that happens the church can begin working on finding a proper tenant.

"We plan to partner with local agencies to help us find people who will allow us to help them and show them there are things along the way they need to achieve."

As for the current tiny house which started the litigation battle, Ham says they plan to sell it to help cover the cost of the new home.

The project came in at around $40,000 and Ham says they are still looking for donations to help fund the project.