SAUK RAPIDS -- Walk into Corey Hamilton's home and you would swear you're in an art gallery.

The spray paint artist began creating his collection roughly five years ago, after spending 30 years in optometry.

"It all happened by accident. I saw these spray paint artists in Las Vegas. When I got home I found an old mini bike and painted the floor board. Two ladies discovered me and said it was beautiful so I started making art."

His art started out small on sheets of white paper, never knowing what the outcome would be and letting his hands do the talking.

It was his unique ability that led him to open a small art gallery, where he took his talents even further.

"A lady came into the gallery and asked me to paint a teapot. I never did anything like that before so I gave it a shot. She loved it and I went on to start finding other objects to paint too."

From toys, masks, household items and more, Hamilton uses it all to create his work, with hardly any material costs.

"About 90 percent of what I paint is recycled."

While he recently decided to close down his gallery, his 4600 pieces can still be found in every corner of each room.

Hamilton says he plans to be active this summer and continue to sell his work, and possibly reopen another gallery. Until then he says he's proud to know someone out there appreciates his work.

"There is going to be a day when I die and my name will be on a piece somewhere in the world. That's my mark on the world and it's a neat feeling."

You can check out some of Hamilton's work by visiting his Facebook page.

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