ST. CLOUD -- The artist of the "Granite Trio" sculpture in downtown St. Cloud, died at his home last Friday at the age of 94.

Granite Trio 3
Sara Warmka

Anthony Caponi, who was from Italy, created the pieces known as "Jewel," "Castle," and "Sentinel" to feature the new downtown mall back in 1973.

Pegg Gustafson is the President of the St. Cloud Downtown Council and says the sculptures will always be a big part of St. Cloud's history.

"Those sculptures are certainly iconic and if you don't know the story behind it, you don't really appreciate what it means and what it meant back in 1973," says Gustafson.

This was the first major project of the St. Cloud Community Arts Council.

In 2013, Caponi visited St. Cloud for the 40th Anniversary of the 32 ton sculpture. He said he created the sculptures after his wife died and "wanted to prove he had not loss the capacity to create."

The stones were taken from the Rockville quarry of the Cold Spring Granite Company and in a field in the area. Caponi said he "wanted to have a sculpture that was not only a challenge but would be durable."

The sculpture was finished and dedicated on 30 August 1973.

Gustafson says she had a chance to meet Caponi during his visit, and says he was full of life and will be missed.

"He is someone who just has a way of drawing you in, he is very charismatic, memorable and quite the character," says Gustafson.

The Granite Trio sculpture is located outside of Herberger's mall.