ST. CLOUD -- Thursday is a big day for those of us who have some Norwegian heritage. It's Syttende Mai, which means the 17th of May. It is their national holiday celebrating their independence from Sweden.

Coming-up on Saturday the local Sons of Norway Lodge is going to hold their first-ever Syttende Mai parade.

In Norway what they do on Syttende Mai is every town - big or small - has a very simple family parade.  And all the children and all the families gather at a city center point and then they walk through the town, usually toward the school.

Spokesman Frank Haynes says registration for anyone who wants to participate will start at 2:30 p.m. at the Lake George Municipal Complex, with the parade at 3:00 p.m. around Lake George.  All participants will get a free Norwegian flag and ice cream.

Haynes says they are holding the parade on Saturday, instead of on Thursday, so more people can participate.

The Trollheim Lodge has about 150 members, they are one of about 70 Sons of Norway Lodges in Minnesota.

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