ST. JOSEPH -- After nearly 30 white pride posters were found in St. Joseph Wednesday, the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict are denouncing them and the ideas behind them.

In a release Friday, the sisters say the rhetoric in the posters found in St. Joseph have no place in their faith.

"Members of faith communities in the St. Joseph area are appalled and dismayed by the signs promoting hate speech and white supremacy which appeared in downtown St. Joseph on Wednesday."

The release was signed by several leaders within the order. The release condemns, based on the Order's faith, "all acts that promote racial division and hatred".

A newly formed Facebook group in St. Cloud, the St. Cloud White Student Union's logo was on several of the signs posted in St. Joseph.

St. Joseph Police Chief Joel Klein says one resident reached out to them to report the signs. He says his officers took down some of the signs because they were posted on power poles.

WJON reached out to St. Cloud White Student Union, they denied a phone interview.

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