UNDATED - The state government shutdown is starting to affect beer drinkers.

State officials have told the Miller-Coors company it has to stop selling it's 39 brands of beer.  The company failed to renew it's brand license with the state before the shutdown.

Officials with Bernick's in Waite Park says they haven't been told anything yet.  Jason Bernick says they sell and distribute all of the Miller products, but not the Coors products.  He says, until they hear from the state, they plan to keep selling the beer line.

Department of Public Safety spokesman Doug Neville said Wednesday that MillerCoors' "brand label registrations" with the state have expired.

Neville says Chicago-based MillerCoors LLC has been told to come up with a plan for pulling its products in a few days.

MillerCoors officials say they will fight the order.

Meanwhile, the other problem for liquor fans, hundreds of bars and restaurants don't have a current state-issued liquor purchasing card.  Jason Bernick says that means they'll only be able to sell beer to customers that have a valid card.  And those that don't will see their liquor supply run dry, if the shutdown drags on.