St. Cloud State announced last week they are reducing on campus housing costs and offering free housing in the summer for students who sign up early starting in the fall of 2023.  The President of St. Cloud State University, Dr. Robbyn Wacker joined me on WJON.  She says this is a part of their plan to increase enrollment and get more students back into student housing.

Wacker indicates they learned from current and prospective students that the cost of student housing kept coming up as concerns when choosing or not choosing St. Cloud State.  Wacker says St. Cloud State was priced the highest for campus housing in the Minnesota State Colleges and University system.

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St. Cloud State has a requirement that first year students live on campus.  Wacker says living on campus helps students acclimate and the retention rate is higher when students live on campus the first year.  She feels the free housing in the summer will encourage students to stay on campus and enroll in summer classes.

Wacker says more students attending St. Cloud State their first year will lead to more students attending in future years which will also lead to more students living in apartments near campus.  She indicates students learn to live with other students in the first year which helps students when they move to either a house of apartment.  Wacker believes this will lead to less difficulty for landlords.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Dr. Robbyn Wacker it is available below.



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