NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- A Sauk Rapids native trying to make it big down in Nashville is releasing a new single. Aaron Clafton wrote the song "Spare Key" which will be officially released next Friday, June 28th.

He says he's hoping the song will help get him noticed by a record label, but he says it's also just an opportunity for his friends and family back here in Minnesota to hear what he's been doing.

I'd love to get enough spins on it where maybe a publisher will notice me or a label or something like that, but mostly I just want people back home to hear what I'm doing down here.  I haven't released music since 2017.

Clafton moved to Nashville in March of 2016.

Clafton says he got the idea for his new song "Spare Key" at a house party.

Aaron Clafton, submitted photo
Aaron Clafton, submitted photo

You'll be able to find the song wherever you listen to music like Spotify, iTunes, and others.  He says once it is released he'll be working hard to get the song noticed by people in the music industry.

Yeah, I'll be playing it out a bunch down here, I've got a few showcases lined-up, and just sitting down and talking to a bunch of blogs and country music sites, and hopefully, a few radio stations back home to maybe get a few spins there.

His ultimate goal is to be a full-time songwriter, but right now he's working a full-time day job and then writes music at night. He also performs his music at songwriter showcases about once a week.

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